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Every few months, I like to explore professions that are adjacent to programming.
Today we're exploring captioning and its impact on our industry.

Our guide for this industry is the fabulously giften Norma Miller of White Coat Captioning.
I was captivated by her work at last year's React Rally and wanted to share with you what I learned from her.

Her company does primarily technical events, which gives her an interesting vantage point into tech conference culture.
We talk about typing in excess of 300 words a minute with 98% accuracy,
The $6000 keyboards that make it little easier,
And the open source that powers it.

I think you love this chat, as we learn how captioners are making our technical events more multi-cultural, accessible, and inclusive.

We're kicking off a new decade by going back in time time to 1999, just 10 years after the birth of the internet.
Our guest today is Lee Byron.
He takes us on a tour of the early web and personal home pages.
And connects the dots between PHP and technologies like React and GraphQL.
His work — inside Facebook during a critical pivot to mobile — provides a unique vantage point on the progress of web technologies over the past 20 years.

Today we sit down with award winning cartoonist, a book apart author, web animations expert, new member to the React Core Team, and all round lovely human Rachel Nabors.

We talk about her journey to React, the Woman at the Heart of React zine (from this years React Conf), and her charter to make React and React Native documentation friendly, powerful, and inclusive.

React Core Team member Suil Pai in the chair today.

React is a complicated project. It's open source but lead by facebook. That's a hard pill for many to swollow. But, for it, we get a framework that's battle-tested at facebook scale — every experimental API tested by billions of users.

Today, Sunil and I dive into the future of React as a UI framework, how Concurrent mode marks a shift in focus from developer experience to user experience, and what it'll take to finally get better designer tooling for React.

I'm so grateful for you. This is just a short thank you from me to you, an update on my React Suspense course, and what you can expect from React Podcast in 2020...

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