React Podcast

Conversations about React with your favorite developers.

This week we sit down with Chris Toomey and address all the holy wars: Elm vs React, TypeScript vs JavaScript, product vs development, and even VS Code vs Vim.

This week we diverge from our typical technical focus to talk about communication.

Many of you are developing a product. Whether that be an open source library, course material on your favorite framework, or your skills a freelance developer — you are selling something.

Selling requires more than great technical skills. It requires strong communication.

Today we sit with Val Geisler — founder of Fix My Churn. We talk about communication thru email,
Why it’s critical for building and branding your business,
And how we get started.

I believe it has the potential to change your career.

This week we sit down with Chris Biscardi — open source developer and consultant.

He's working with Gatsby on projects like gatsby-mdx and gatsby-themes.

So we talk about what Gatsby Themes are, why they promise to bring a new wave of shareability to Gatsby sites, and what you need to know to start using them.

We also talk about designing a workflow around sharing what you know and building an effective content pipeline.

This week we sit down with Phani Raju.

He's a Staff Engineer at GitHub and lead on the GitHub Package Registry. He tells us what package registries are and why GitHub is uniquely suited to take them to the next step in security, trust, and user experience.

This is an awesome chat if you'd like to learn more about where your packages may be coming from in the future. It's also a fantastic lens into the great engineering and design thinking that is alive and well at GitHub — and how the Dear GitHub letter sparked a new wave of innovation.

This week on React Podcast we sit down with James K Nelson. We discuss what makes React hard to learn and how he's addressing that with his teaching platform

We talk about learning React without the buzzwords, his new router — Navi — and how to make some React bacon.

This is a great episode for those who have had trouble keeping up with React and want to discover and master the things have remained the same

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