React Podcast

Conversations about React with your favorite developers.

To celebrate 7 years of React, we have a very special guest: Pete Hunt.

He’s the one who asked us to give React just 5 minutes, to reconsider our established frontend practices, and see if separation of technologies was serving us as well as we thought.

Pete tells us about the early days of React — it’s rocky community reception, Facebook’s struggle to create meaningful open source, and betting big on CommonJS and a little-known bundler named Webpack.

Dave Geddes tells us about the science of learning and how he uses it to ensure success at — where he teaches CSS layout, service workers, and more.

We talk about the importance of sleep for learning, the joy of graduating from employee to entrepreneur, and how exterminating a few critters can help you master CSS Grid once and for all

This week Matt Perry tells about Magic Motion — the killer new feature for Framer Motion that makes shared element transitions easy for React developers

We talk about full-stack correction for FLIP animations, the virtuous relationship between product and open source, and how “fear-driven development” kept him from finding a Magic Motion solutions earlier…

Dimitrius Clark joins us to drop some good nuggets on building community. We talk about his meetup Reactadelphia, tips for finding the best Code Bootcamps, and how to supercharge your career after graduation — using all the corniest career advice.

Chance Strickland (@chancethedev) and chantastic talk about Reach UI and building flexible libraries for the web.

They talk about separation of logic with statecharts, the cascading complexity of accessibility, unopinionated approaches to styling, and the career effects of great open source.

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