React Podcast

Conversations about React with your favorite developers.

Chris Biscardi and I talk about using the platform — what happened in the browser while we were webpacking all-the-things-in-js.

We talk about the future of JavaScript meta frameworks, a return to Rails, serverless provider lock-in, and the value of content creation in an economic downturn.

We learn from Maggie Appleton about mental models, conceptual metaphor theory, culture, creative thinking, drawing a box, and how it all comes together in her incredible Egghead course artwork.

This week we chat with Michael of React Training and learn everything we need to know about React Router v6 — what's in store, how to update, and what he's learned about empathy in the process.

We sit down with Max Stoiber and find out what it takes to find luck in open source. Max is the creator of react-boilerploit and the co-creator of styled-components and

David Khourshid is the man bringing statecharts to the frontend. We talk about XState, model-based testing with xstate-test, and the future designer/coder integration

For the month of february, we're chatting exclusively with Reactathon speakers. You can hear more from David on the topic state-charts for UI development this march. Reactathon is a top React conference in the heart of San Francisco. David and I will be there, chewing people's ears off about better designer tooling. Get a ticket at

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