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Conversations about React with your favorite developers.

Brian Vaughn joins us for an update on React Developer Tools.

We talk about Fast Refresh for the web, New developer convienciences around codemods, And new React Dev Tools features to help you profile, suspend component trees, and find your way around unfamiliar React apps.

This chat is guaranteed to help you be a quicker, happier, more productive React developer.

Today we're talking with Kitze about his transition from open source to product, what his development browser Sizzy has thought him about business, and the dangers of our hype-driven development cycles.

We discuss what we think is wrong with the culture of web development today and how to keep focused on skills that won't be consumed by designer/developer robots.

In the immortal words of TLC, "Don't go chasing waterfalls".
Turns out they're really easy to find in React today.

Joe Savona joins us to talk about avoiding waterfalls in your React code.
He's here for our 2nd of 6 React Conf 2019 interviews to talk about data-fetching strategies with Suspense.

Joe has spent the last year working with the React team in developing a relay-suspense integration for the new

He shares the lessons and patterns they've learned and how they're baking great user experience into Relay.

Fetch-on-render, fetch-then-render, and Render-as-you-fetch are patterns you'll be hearing more often as Suspense picks up steam.

Thankfully, in today's episode Joe helps us navigate that verbiage and determine what our first steps with Suspense should be.

Today we kick off our first of 6 React Conf interviews.

We start with Andrew Clark to learn what this React Conf 2019 means for us — our libraries and apps. He's a core team member who cut his React teeth on the fiber re-write and he's been deep in Concurrent React for 3 years.

We chat about future features, prerelease channels, and how Suspense is preparing the way for others to bring cooperative concurrency to their libraries, applications, and frameworks.

This week is React Conf!
And I suspect that Suspense and Concurrent Mode will have a good showing.

So — in anticipation and excitement — I asked friend of the show, Swyx, to join me for a Suspense/Concurrent React rundown episode — covering everything you need to know so far and what we hope to see at this year's event.

Neither of us have priviliged info.
We're just two nerds who like to keep abreast of React's most exciting future feature.

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