React Podcast Β· June 20, 2019

51: Michel Westrate Wants You To Stop Writing State Reducers

How many times have you written a state reducer? 100 times? 100 times a month?

Truth is, it's tricky for human brains to write performant state mutations in immutable terms.

Maybe you're whip smart and you've got the theory on lock but the resulting "spread hell" is hard to read and edit long term.

Michel Westrate wants you to stop writing state updates with immutable APIs like spread, concat, and slice and take a second look at mutable APIs like property assignment, forEach, and push.

He's made it really easy And the React Team finds this idea very interesting.

We talk with Michel about this wild of idea of state producers (not reducers) in Immer, why they're in the spirit of React, his MobX fame, and why β€” even in 2019 β€” it's not a good idea to roll your own state management library.

Listen cautiously though. After this episode, you may never write a state reducer again...




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