About Spec

Spec.fm is no longer operating, and all podcasts operate as independent shows. Read the Spec story.

What does it mean to level up in your career?

Spec exists to encourage the right conversations, promote the right tools and processes, and provide a culture of constant learning and improvement to the global community of developers and designers. We produce top-rated podcasts and content resources for developers and designers in every stage of their career, and we engage the community in discussion on a daily basis.

From industry professionals, for industry professionals

In January 2015, two independent podcasts — Design Details and Developer Tea — were started by three individuals who wanted to talk about the work they do every day. After an amazing response from the web community, we’ve teamed up to create the Spec Network to help designers and developers to learn, find great resources and connect with one another.

Today our podcasts are downloaded more than 100,000 times per week and we’re working to create new shows to provide the most up-to-date resources and information for the design & development community!

The team

Spec is possible thanks to our incredible cast of podcast hosts, designers, developers, writers, and producers.

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