React Podcast · November 7, 2019

71: Joe Savona on Relay and Data Fetching with Suspense

In the immortal words of TLC, "Don't go chasing waterfalls".
Turns out they're really easy to find in React today.

Joe Savona joins us to talk about avoiding waterfalls in your React code.
He's here for our 2nd of 6 React Conf 2019 interviews to talk about data-fetching strategies with Suspense.

Joe has spent the last year working with the React team in developing a relay-suspense integration for the new

He shares the lessons and patterns they've learned and how they're baking great user experience into Relay.

Fetch-on-render, fetch-then-render, and Render-as-you-fetch are patterns you'll be hearing more often as Suspense picks up steam.

Thankfully, in today's episode Joe helps us navigate that verbiage and determine what our first steps with Suspense should be.


Joe Savona — Twitter, GitHub




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