React Podcast ยท June 27, 2019

52: Be Visible with Sophia Shoemaker

Navigating a career is tricky.
This is double true for women in tech.
Add a spouses career, traditional gender expectations, Single-parenting, Or illness to the mix And finding a satisfying career can feel impossible.

Today, Sophia Shoemaker sits with us to discuss how she manages being a mom in tech, conference speaker, FullStack React editor, and deeply invested in her community.

It's a different story than many of you are used to hearing on this show.
A more complicated one.
I'm excited that we get to learn more about one of the types of challenges that women in tech face today.

And I'm so grateful that Sophia brought us into her story.

I know that her experience can give you hope โ€” as you find a career that works for your specific cocktail of complications.




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