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In this episode, we touch on a note so widely discussed topic: should Android application today use a BaseActivity? Doesn't that wreak of inheritance over composition? What would uncle Joshua say about this ineffective approach? What are alternative options? do we have any?

In this episode Donn talks about his strategy for dealing with unknowns in programming, namely around testing and how to figure out how to write tests for new code that might be difficult, unfamiliar or even legacy code.

In this episode Kaushik grapples with the question, where do I put DB objects in a modularized Android app? and tries to come up with an answer.

In today's episode, Kaush asks the question: in this brave new world where everyone is adopting more functional programming, do we just stop doing database operations? Listen to this episode to find out.

In this episode of Fragmented, Donn talks about when it's appropriate to comment your code.

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