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In this episode, we talk about what a good backup strategy looks like and the different kinds of data you shoud be backing up.

Stay safe and think about your backup strategies.

Today we talk about logging. When to log, how to log, what to log - our thoughts on the subject.

In this episode, Donn and KG talk about the post Tim Bray recently wrote - Why Google did Android. They then touch on Chrome becoming a monopoly and tips on what folks can do to be a little more privacy conscious on the web.

We've all heard of the Y2K problem, but there's also a similar coming up this 2038 for us programmers. In this episode we dive into the 2038 problem (... after of course talking about our opinions on new year resolutions).

Get 1% better every day folks... Listen here:

In this episode KG and Donn talk about KG's recent jaunt with Docker. In the attempt to setup continuous deployment for his blog, KG explains his simple requirement and how it lands up requiring some basic Docker. Donn then closes it out with some interesting in-depth knowledge on how to use Docker

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