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Listen to all star Indie developer and friend of the show Chris Lacy. Chris Lacy created the beloved Action Launcher - arguably one of the best Launcher apps on Android. In this epi isode, he talks to us about what it's like being an indie developer, starting on Action Launcher and of course his newest creation - ActionDash( iondash-android-digital-wellbeing-alternative-2765746aad51).


Jeroen walks us through his thinking on app development

In this episode, we continue our discussion from episode 148 on evolving android architectures. We collected some of the questions from the community and try to answer them.

Show notes:

In this quick fragment, Donn talks about Kotlin Returns and Jumps with Labels and how to implement them in your app.

In this quick fragment, Kaushik talks about the new Kotlin 1.3 experimental feature "inline classes" and how it helps with Type driven design.

Show notes:

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