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249 - Java and the JDK: Powering the Android Landscape with Michael Bailey

In this episode of our podcast, we explore the diverse landscape of Java versions within the Android ecosystem. Our guest is Michael Bailey, a seasoned Java expert who has been a frequent presence on our show since the early days of our podcast. We kick off with a solid foundation, discussing the differences between JDK and JRE, as well as the distinctions between the available Java JDKs. We also guide listeners through Android Studio settings, exploring how to select a suitable JDK, its utilization, and how it relates to JAVA_VERSION on one's home path/terminal.

As we dig deeper, we start to unpack some of the crucial Android app settings. From compileOptions to sourceCompatibility/targetCompatibility, we shed light on why these versions are important. We also demystify the compileSdk vs minSdk vs targetSdk, and how they interconnect. Drawing from Kaushiks's recent experience in building a new app, we provide real-life examples that can better clarify these topics for our listeners.

We conclude the episode by providing some valuable resources for further understanding and exploration. This episode is designed to be a comprehensive guide to understanding and navigating the intricacies of Java versions in Android development.


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