Fragmented · April 26, 2021

208: Developing Software at Startups with Jason Roberts

This is the original story of how Uber was built ... this is a fascinating story. You don't want to miss this. Donn talks to Jason Roberts. Jason was chosen to be Uber's CTO when the company was in its infancy (but didn't accept the offer). Jason shares the story of developing the code that eventually ran Uber from a couple of cars to a highly distributed system with an impressive amount of rides.

We talk about building what is needed when it's needed, the tools that he chose to build Uber's platform on. Early startup learnings, and how Uber originally ran on PHP before he chose to move it to Node.js.

Jason shares his story of how he met Travis (Uber's CEO who took it from a small company to a huge international corporation), how they built the systems, and team and much more. You'll learn how networking, working on interesting things, and seizing the moment and luck played into him landing his role at Uber.

Finally, we wrap up by chatting a bit about how being a generalist in an early-stage startup is beneficial (vs being a specialist).

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