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192: What is your backup strategy? ๐Ÿ“ผ


title : 192: What is your backup strategy? ๐Ÿ“ผ permalink : 192

In this episode, we talk about what a good backup strategy looks like and the different kinds of data you should be backing up.

Stay safe and think about your backup strategies.


3-2-1 Backup Rule

Backup Software

This mirrors both drives defensively (-n is dry run)

    rsync --partial --progress --archive --update \
      --exclude='$RECYCLE.BIN' --exclude='$Recycle.Bin' --exclude='.AppleDB' \
      --exclude='.AppleDesktop' --exclude='.AppleDouble' --exclude=''\
      --exclude='.dbfseventsd' --exclude='.DocumentRevisions-V100*' --exclude='.DS_Store'\
      --exclude='.fseventsd' --exclude='.PKInstallSandboxManager' --exclude='.Spotlight*'\
      --exclude='.SymAV*' --exclude='.symSchedScanLockxz' --exclude='.TemporaryItems'\
      --exclude='.Trash*' --exclude='.vol' --exclude='.VolumeIcon.icns' --exclude='Desktop DB'\
      --exclude='Desktop DF' --exclude='hiberfil.sys' --exclude='lost+found'\
      --exclude='Network Trash Folder' --exclude='pagefile.sys' --exclude='Recycled'\
      --exclude='RECYCLER' --exclude='System Volume Information' --exclude='Temporary Items' --exclude='Thumbs.db'\
      /Volumes/xhd_strg/ /Volumes/xhd_strg_bkp


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