Does Not Compute

A weekly chat about the lives and workflows of modern web developers

Sean and Rockwell share their strategies for coping with stress and burnout, what it's like to live-stream and where that whole thing is headed, announcements from Microsoft Build, and the correct pronunciation of "Nevada".

Sean and Rockwell talk about the Coronavirus time warp, first impressions on learning Python, advancing side projects with manageable chunks of time, and de-stressing with video games.

Sean and Rockwell talk about Sean's shifting role within his company, dealing with high-maintenance customers, developing Swagger Open API specifications, and an important PSA for summer.

Sean and Rockwell record their first live show on Twitch and talk about Microsoft technologies and conferences, being insanely productive with Laravel, and fighting with with Vue mixins.

Sean and Rockwell reflect on Sean's recent interviews. Then we learn how PHP and Laravel have wormed their way into DK's stack, and the reasoning behind that decision.

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