Does Not Compute

A weekly chat about the lives and workflows of modern web developers

Insomnia creator Greg Schier join Sean to talk about Go, how side projects are important to developer happiness, maintaining positive habits, and becoming a supple leopard.

Sean and Rockwell talk about using Domain Driven Design to decouple the procedures for keeping Design Kollective's Elasticseach store in sync, the challenge of following programming patterns to the letter, and Rockwell's new Macbook Pro.

In episode 205 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Rockwell discuss their goals for 2020 and how they plan to achieve them. They also talk about keystone habits as learned in the book The Power of Habit, learning Go (lang), and recovering from burnout.

In episode 204 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Rockwell look back at this year's achievements and struggles, and plans for the next decade.

In episode 203 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Rockwell discuss some life updates, web crawling, and scheduled jobs

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