Does Not Compute · July 5, 2016

39: Learn to Observe

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"How do you come up with professional goals?" - @jakehschwartz

Find what makes you happy and then do that. Stay flexible, don't try to get too solid a plan together because things change, and people change.

We get asked a lot "How do you get into programming?"

A lot of people approach us with this same question. Instead of focusing on tech centric things like "start with html or js", here are our tips that help with sticking to programming, and managing every day issues that arrise.

  • Be patient, Be patient, Be patient.
  • Learn how to manage frustration.
  • Learn when to take a break.
  • Learn to take feedback, learn to not take everything personally.
  • Learn to be observant, learn to pay attention to the small details.
  • Learn to take a step back and look at the big picture.
  • Maintain a blog or journal of things you're learning. It'll help you with the big picture thing where you can see real progress.
  • Learn how to break a problem into small chunks. This makes solivng problems much more manageable.

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