Orthogonal · November 30, 2017

71: Leadership w/ Dave Stachowiak - Pt 1

What is a leader? Who is a leader? Why is leadership is important?

Also, Brett is TOTALLY a leader.

High points:

  • Dave is an amazing sport to put up with and Brett's kids
  • Dave is a podcast hipster (he's been listening to them since before it was cool!)
  • Great producers are often lousy leaders - they turn into micromanagers
  • Leadership skills have nothing to do with your job or your level in the organization
  • Great story about a navy ship going from being the worst to the best just by changing language
  • It is OK to be mediocre at something
  • Plus, a special guest appearance by Brett's kids!


"Managers do things right, Leaders do the right things" --Dave
"In the Hizzy, Hizzy" -- Brett
"We're accountants. WHATEVER happens, it will be OK." -- Andrew


Dave Stachowiak

Dave on LinkedIn

What Got You Here, Won't Get You There

The Leadership Academy

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