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The podcast is changing. Listen to find out how/why.

Brett and Andrew compare turkeys, planning procedures.

How to be secure in an insecure world.

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

We discuss various random things but also the ideas behind joining forces with another business. A "Joint Venture" if you will

Would you buy 10% of Brett? Also, should college be an equity investment, not debt?

How Brett and Andrew annoy their wives and why everything is trash.

Be at the elbow of the deal, but sometimes mixers are great! Also, Brett needs business cards.

Andrew and Brett discuss money and what it's actually for.

We revisit our favorite policy - keep moving and get out of the way - and how the IRS doesn't do it.

This week, we are joined by Andrew's mom. Really.

Turning shared obsessions into businesses.

We discuss coming back from Summer Break and how sane families keep things organized

In the last episode before summer break, we talk about the "School of Hard Knocks"

Evidence of decline, democracy, and your business. Sometimes trusting someone with authority is OK.

You don't need to be an expert at things to do them. You just need to be good enough.

It's probably simpler than you think. Seriously.

We dig into what R&D really means in a small business.

Real-time development of the Freelancer Lexicon.

There are always more good opportunities and even the best ones won't work. Plan B is what matters.

Today we talk about pivoting. And Brett's 90-minute offer.

The best systems are automated. But the monitoring of those systems isn't. And how to monitor them is more than just "double checking"

The dynamic duo discuss how to be patient and scale yourself.

Andrew and Brett discuss success, envy, and Paul. No, not that one.

Your duo today discuss how to define processes and it's importance in business.

Three types of marketing people and how they see the world

Brett is behind on just about everything. Andrew explains why this is fine.

Turning your services into templates to increase profit and efficiency

Today Brett tells us how he is going to build a business in 90 minutes. Andrew is intrigued. And interrupts.

Today on Orthogonal we argue about what is a freelancer.

Today, on a very special episode of Orthogonal, we discuss mental health and freelancing.

The give-and-take of indie business vs. jobs.

Freelancer world is more complex and sometimes we forget that.

Tax time is upon us. Andrew describes the myriad changes to the tax code (and why thy matter).

We welcome each other back to new year and start a discussion about legacy systems and moving from a job to a business.

A brief holiday episode discussing charity and donating time.

How being professional means you earn more.

This is the angry Orthogonal episode. Enjoy.

Your team talks about time tracking and it's relation to billing.

Brett teaches Andrew about selling info products.

Brett and Andrew talk about launching an information product

Managing clients becomes the hardest part of a service business - and is usually the key to profitability.

How to make businesses quickly using wings, prayers, and gum.

Today your hosts talk about how the social safety nets that apply to employees and how to duplicate them as a Freelancer

Brett and Andrew are starting another business together.

We all fail. Let’s talk about it.

The boys about what they would do different in their business launches.

Your boys discuss the best-selling book, The $100 Startup.

This week, we explore the idea that time is the only real form of wealth.

Today we talk about the age-old problem - how do we get all the work in? The answer might surprise you...

Today Brett and Andrew continue the conversation with Jeremy Wells, AKA CFOJeremy!

Today Brett and Andrew are joined by Jeremy Wells, AKA CFOJeremy!

Brett has a garage sale.

Brett evaluates what it would mean to switch to Android. Andrew is overjoyed.

Continuation of Brett's man-call with Ryan McRae! Brett hates conferences. Ryan loves them.

Brett has a great call with Ryan McRae, they discuss how they started selling online.

THIS IS EPISODE 100. What in the actual Heck.

Brett returns and the boys discuss his domestication and Ryan Holiday's book, Ego is the Enemy.

With Brett on vacation, Kathy The Unicorn steps in to keep Andrew in line.

In the third installment of our "Offend Everyone" series - we explore what happens when maybe the idea isn't ready to die.

Continuing the discussion from last week, and the darkness, we discuss how you go about ending a project.

Brett and Andrew explore the new concept they coined - Minimum Viable Momentum (MVM)

Andrew and Brett take lessons on how to be successful from Will Smith and a Billionaire.

In this not-so-great-audio version, Brett and Andrew discuss Texas and moving as well as office spaces and interruptions.

Workspaces, workspaces, workspaces!

Does not having a job make you more wealthy?

In the last LIVE episode (until Andrew is back in town and they do a live episode again) Andrew and Brett talk about weddings playlists, moving plans and the difference between investments and costs.

Sometimes you have to go to the third string - but business owners have to make it happen!

We have to be honest, there is a lot of talk about poop. But we relate it to business.

Managing stress as a freelancer involves giving yourself some slack.

Andrew's moving to Texas and is increasingly disappointed in Evernote.

Brett and Andrew are joined by two special guests: Bethany and Melinda. We’re talking business.

Brett rediscovers Google as a business service and finds out it doesn't suck.

Andrew tries to convince Brett to join his union. He declines.

We revisit Profit First, the book Andrew hated. Turns out it isn't that bad.

In today's episode of Orthogonal Brett and Andrew talk about how to work with people.

Andrew explain economics to Brett

This week, Brett and Andrew discuss the idea of fairness and why it's an absurd pursuit in life and business.

This week, Andrew discusses why he kinda hates the book Profit First.

A continuation of last week's episode, some great ideas on being a great leader.

Special treat today - we talk with Leadership expert Dave Stachowiak about how leadership works in general and for freelancers

Andrew and Brett talk about hardware. Despite his protestations, Brett is the tech guy.

Brett and Andrew discuss how to ask good questions and when you do hire an advisor.

It’s not that conferences are bad, it’s just that Brett hates them.

In this episode, Andrew tries to apply his high-minded economics to pricing a product. Brett fixes it.

Your friends spend a little time discussing their multitude of tools and how they use them.

Plans, financial or otherwise, produce happiness.

Goals vs. Systems (and why one of them wins)

Andrew & Brett have their very special guest and friend Chris DeCaro - we talk about multiple income streams and how to diversify.

This entire episode is an asterisk - the footnote to the concept of "faking it until you make it".

Andrew and Brett talk about how the best way to make money in business is to put profit first. Also, why most people miss their opportunity for free money.

The last episode that Brett and Andrew talk about programming, we promise.

The evil that is voice mail and Andrew's new multi-phone lifestyle.

Why business owners and freelancers have serious trouble taking time off

Creativity and problem solving - Why beginning with the end mind is a thing.

We venture into coding. It ends badly. (Andrew loves it).

Why all the money is made being a small business owner and not just a hired gun.

Bonus double episode! Topics include separating work from life + Andrew's fancy web app

Scarcity mindset vs. abundance mindset

Part two of Brett's conversation with guest host, Jon Kelly

Paying Tony Robbins and buying your way to capability.

Special Guest Natasha tells us the story of starting not one, but two businesses.

Brett and Andrew welcome Bethany Michaels, freelance social media strategist.

Andrew describes how tiny companies can get investors

Brett and Andrew take cues from The Profit in evaluating Brett's new business.

How to approach your business like a business - and why we don't let emotions make business decisions.

The dynamic duo get tattoos. Also, we talk dreams and shattering the business dreams.

We all want to read more, right? But how?

Money. Specifically, the process involved in taking money from customers.

Remaining productive and on top of things when your world is crashing down around you.

We discuss noise and the results and impacts of it on your business.

An interview with Shawn Blanc wherein Shawn and Brett sound really terrible.

Your valiant steeds take you on a jaunt through skill acquisition.

What the rituals of a church teach us about work.

Further discussion on information as the antidote to anxiety.

Anxiety, uncertainty, and money.

Today we celebrate our 31st episode anniversary by discussing who should be in your go-to network

How stress can, and does, ruin your life.

This week, Brett and Andrew discuss uncertainty and stress in business. Mostly uncertainty.

This week, the dynamic duo discuss Just In Time Inventory (and how it's making inroads from businesses to our homes).

Orthogonal BOOK CLUB! We talk about the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. We mostly talk about how Andrew is doing everything wrong.

What's better than one interview? Another interview. This week, it's our pal Christopher DeCaro.

We discuss year-end feelings and people moving slowly. We also think of a domain. And Andrew owns it now. And Joy delivers, what we call, the goods.

Holy Guests Batman! This week we trick the immutably awesome David Sparks to telling us all the secrets of the legal world.

This week, Brett and Andrew talk about tools, how they work, and why we feel entitled to perfection when using them.

Brett and Andrew ring in the holiday season with this double episode.

Coworking spaces and kegerators.

Andrew explains the financial implications of electing a less-than-popular President.

This week, we dive into the bottom half of the inverted traffic cone: personal finance.

Owning attention can be the most valuable product you have.

Trying to be all things to all people makes you no one's anything.

We're all about business growth this week. Join us.

The ideal freelancer set-up - does it include a knuckle tattoo?

Want to grow your small business in a way that sounds weird at first? We've got you covered.

Your dynamic duo unpack the agony and the ecstasy of launching a new product or business.

Your boys discuss managing time and projects — what it takes and what it costs.

Your boys discuss The Three H's of Business Success.

Your favorite dynamic duo are back and discussing education, books, and learning in general for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

The main point is that Andrew loves charcuterie and thinks everybody else does, too.

How smart freelancers and entrepreneurs deal with taxes.

Networking, marketing, and vegan cinnamon rolls.

Brett and Andrew unpack the process of moving from a "regular" job to a freelance, independent career.

A continuation of the automation discussion and why Andrew's wife is his Brother.

Andrew and Brett address important business issues like specialization, automation, and chihuahua enthusiasts.

Brett and Andrew discuss what it means to be an independent worker and business owner.

Workspaces, workspaces, workspaces!

We talk about the specialization of jobs and what it means for business.

Andrew shifts Brett's listener paradigm.

Brett falls asleep while Andrew lectures him on economics.

Brett saves the world from a pet peeve rant.

Test, test.

This is the intro. We'll talk a little bit about us, what we do, and why we started this podcast in the first place.

If you have any comments for us or want to ask questions check us out at the Spec Network Slack: spec.fm/slack in the #orthogonal channel.

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