Orthogonal · November 2, 2017

67: Pricing Is Hard



Andrew has a new information product and he needs to figure out how to price it. He tries economics and it turns out it doesn't always work as well in practice as it does in theory.

Highlights cover:

  • Products (physical, digital) are harder to price than services?
  • We circle back to price elasticity
  • Brett's super simple plan to test is..... to just test
  • Start small and building up is the best
  • Andrew reveals just how little he knows about how most things in his world work
  • Imposter syndrome is real and happens to everyone
  • If you only screw up in one thing a day, it's been a good day!
  • Also, don't sue people.


"You know that bias toward action? Just ship the damn thaaannngg" - Brett

"I'm struggling with pricing" Andrew said

"Too cheap" interrupted Brett


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