Orthogonal · October 26, 2017

66: Less Spin The Wheel, More Focus



This week, your favorite business duo are talking about planning and how plans bring happiness.

Specifically, Andrew talks about his presentation at the Release Notes conference in Chicago. We recorded this episode before he gave the talk, but this episode will air after he's done. It's weird.

High points include:

  • Andrew talking about how much more reading he gets done with his #multiphonelyfe
  • How Kindles make reading an event and the phone not so much
  • The benefit to recreating the division between "home phone" and "work phone"
  • Brett is NOT buying a new Apple Watch
  • Asana is a project management, not task management
  • Brett reminds Andrew how he is doing productivity wrong


Brett LOVES pen and paper

Also, Brett describes his new favorite book The Revenant and we discuss bear skin rugs.

"Every financial question begets more questions." -- Andrew Carroll


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