Orthogonal · October 19, 2017

65: Happiness Is Faith In The Plan



This week, your favorite business duo are talking about planning and how plans bring happiness.

Specifically, Andrew talks about his presentation at the Release Notes conference in Chicago. We recorded this episode before he gave the talk, but this episode will air after he's done. It's weird.

High points include:

  • Andrew gets disk images from Apple computers and has no clue what to do with them.
  • Andrew decides to actually prepare for his talk instead of his usual strategy of not preparing anything.
  • How lack of a plan creates uncertainty, regardless of whether you have money or not.
  • Andrew's position that hiring advisors (like him) is generally a bad idea.
  • The one simple plan that works for 98% of people and doesn't require paying an expensive advisor (and why people don't trust this plan).


Brett is recovering from having his wisdom teeth removed. Per his kids request, he saved his teeth and proceeded to disgust everybody in his life.

Also, Andrew is surprised to learn that deep dish pizza can be legally produced outside of Chicago.

Brett learns what a "robo-advisor" is.

"Every financial question begets more questions." -- Andrew Carroll


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