Orthogonal · September 28, 2017

62: Fake It Till You Make It - Rinse and Repeat



Brett and Andrew dive into what exactly faking it until you make it actually means. Hint: it isn't "commit fraud".

Thoughts include:

  • You need to have a domain level understanding to actually fake things
  • Literally no one has any idea what they are doing
  • The actual trick is to only fake it until you get into the level, then you have to master it
  • Don't fake a level above what you have mastered the one you're on
  • Brett explains that leveling up doesn't necessarily mean losing clients
  • Don't be the JV guy who sticks his head in the Varsity huddle.


Brett does accents


Carry over from last week: Andrew checks his math and tells you how much to save for retirement

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