Orthogonal · July 20, 2017

54: Step Away



This week, your boys chat about:

  1. Separating work from the rest of life (and how difficult it can be)
  2. Andrew mentally explores living a two-phone lifestyle
  3. The details of Andrew's web application that will automate part of his job (and generate leads for him)

Additional tidbits:

  • Remembering that we chose this work and that we're responsible for the knock on effects as well as the freedoms.
  • Developing the habit of stepping away from work, regardless of what "must" be done—and trusting that you've done enough.
  • "Nothing gets done without a deadline."
  • Parkinson's Law: "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."
  • Separating your identity from your work.
  • We think our systems and businesses are less resilient than they really are.
  • For many of us, work is always available, no matter where you are.

"Two is one, one is none, and three is a guarantee."

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