Orthogonal · June 15, 2017

49: Jumping The Corporate Titanic (feat. Natassia & Bethany)



It is a veritable party o' freelancers this week. Even though our guest isn't a freelancer, she is a small business owner. We talk with Natasha about how her former bosses tried to screw her over. And how she decided to put the work in on her own and has KILLED it.

  • Real businesses start with a calling - even boring construction ones.
  • Why someone telling you that you won't succeed because you have no experience (or are a woman!) is horse crap - also, F#%$ that guy
  • Andrew creates another hashtag #scorpses
  • We also find out that one successful business is not enough for Natasha


Brett has the best hashtag ever:

"They don't fit in boxes, they fit in clouds. Clouds lack shape and the embody dreams. And they hold the providence that feeds the plants and the earth. "


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