Orthogonal · June 1, 2017

47: Someday is Never (feat. Bethany Michaels)

This week, your dynamic duo welcome Bethany Michaels, a freelance social media manager from their home town. During our lively chat, we discuss challenges of running your own business including:

  • Knowing when to say "yes" vs. "no."
  • Making time to manage the backend processes that run your business
  • The most surprising thing Bethany experienced when she started her business (which you'll probably recognize, if you're a business owner)
  • How to kill a business (and a business entity, if you have one)

Additionally, we discuss how Bethany got her start and how she dealt with the unknowns in running your own business.

Get More of Bethany


  • Some details about Brett's now-multiple businesses (including how he came up with his new LLC name)
  • Our brainstorm on how to insert margin into a busy business life

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