Orthogonal · May 4, 2017

43: Icing On The Paincake

Today we talk about how people conflate the idea of family and business. How emotions get tied up in business and how that causes problems. And how people attempting to bring emotion or causes into business tend to do more harm than good.

Points include:

  • If it was fun they wouldn't pay you to do it
  • We talk about how to bifurcate the art/social/charity and business
  • Single-purpose tools are more efficient than multi-purpose
  • Someone get Andrew a billion dollars and he will give you free tax services for life
  • True to form, Andrew rants and then derails Brett as soon as he is making a point
  • Doing things (or avoiding things) because we are afraid to disappoint people is a pervasive problem

Bonus Features

Andrew explains why Art and Business are diametrically opposed.

"Make money ruthlessly so you can support generously " -- Andrew


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