Orthogonal · April 6, 2017

39: Morass of Maybe



This week, your brothers in arms unpack how to stay productive under a “hail of bullets:” somebody or some organization rips the rug out from under you and you’re suddenly scrambling.

Finer points include:

  • Why unexpected emergencies can be good for you and provide you with unique opportunities
  • Why times of so-called “peace” can be a great deal harder (a situation Andrew eloquently called a “morass of maybes”)
  • Andrew’s story of how his business was torn to pieces by Quickbooks Online
  • How Brett had to—in a very big hurry—rework entire chunks of his product the night before launch.

Additional fun:

  • Andrew’s rules for living (read: drinking, mostly)
  • Why, in Andrew’s opinion, a Gin & Tonic goes with just about anything


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