Orthogonal · August 18, 2016

07: Braving the World of Strangers



The dynamic duo are back for another fun-filled chat. This week, it's all about finding new clients and customers for your freelance or independent business.

Topics include:

  • Why (and when) automation can be bad
  • How Andrew grew his service business quickly
  • The one place you're most likely to find new clients and customers
  • The best thing you can do before you start your business to help ensure success (and how Brett did this for years before he launched).
  • How to approach total strangers and, hopefully, turn them into clients.

Also, Brett decides his kids are "pre-revenue adults" and theorizes about vegan cinnamon roll food trucks.

Finally, to get a look at the super secret thing we're working on, head over to getorthogonal.com.

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Show Notes:

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