Orthogonal · May 17, 2018

93: Workflow Interruption Org-Charts



Andrew has turned into a hermit like Brett and Brett is now going out to offices. Black is white, up is down, and are you allowed to interrupt your coworkers?

Highlights include:

  • Sometimes moving vans don't show up
  • How much coworking is actually going on?
  • Do knowledge workers need less collaboration than people think?
  • There is a benefit to being around other humans, but it might not be getting more work done
  • Interruption goes two ways - the person whose workflow was interrupted and the person who needs the data to continue
  • How to do internet searches should be it's own high school course
  • SECRET REVEALED: The IRS has no idea what they are doing either
  • Monopoly pricing is a thing

Bonus: After the ending, you can hear Andrew talk more about his house and wifi. Or skip it. Probably just skip it.


"'Did you get my email' is French for 'Punch me in the face'" -Brett


Let Me Google That For You

IRS Direct Pay

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