Orthogonal · December 21, 2017

74: Bread and Fairness

As a public service, Andrew and Brett set out to dispel the business myth that you should succeed simply because you tried.

High points:

  • Brett gets a little ranty about how success and wealth are sold as paint-by-numbers processes.
  • Andrew enumerates the reason most businesses fail.
  • Why our default assumptions about business are skewed.
  • Your best chances are success are based on your willingness to take risks and try new things. Related: people are bad at evaluating risk.

Bonus: We take a rather long detour while Brett describes how to make sourdough bread which, rather miraculously, turns into a not-terrible business analogy.


"It's not unicorn farts. It's a lot of work that doesn't stop." -- Brett

"There's no crying in business." -- Andrew

"Fairness is an argument for idiots and children." -- Scott Adams


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