Orthogonal · December 14, 2017

73: Andrew Shreds Profit First



Brett's friend Chris Johnson recommended that he read a book called Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. In a nut, it's a simple guide to taking the revenue of your business and creating an easy way to gauge business health and control how revenue is distributed.

Thing is, Andrew kinda hates this book (he hasn't read it, but still). He doesn't actually hate the book, but he doesn't think it solves a new problem.

High points include:

  • Andrew explains the financial principles on which the author is basing is methodology.
  • Brett tries really hard to understand what Andrew says with marginal success.
  • Andrew's suggestion that growing a business is about growing the top line, not excessive focus on reducing expenses.
  • Andrew rants about Dave Ramsey's envelope system (and considers it analogous to Profit First).



"All other falutin happens beneath us." -- Brett

"Nobody got rich by controlling their expenses." -- Andrew

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