Immutable · December 6, 2016

67: PugConf 2017



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Topic 1: Are there any particular resources that you guys frequent to digest bits of info to stay aware?
Topic 2: Places you stay away from when working? And do you do anything to block out access to distractions?
  • Hacker News and Designer News are bad so I'm not going to link to them.
  • Figma User Group
  • Concentrate is dead and the website is gone, so I can't link to it.
  • RescueTime
Topic 3: People talk about the best practices for handing off files to developers (like Sketch or Figma files). As a developer, what's the best way to learn to quickly build from a design file?
Topic 4: How do you find side projects to work on when you’ve run out of creative juice?

Topic 5: How do you go from good to great?
  • "Sometimes, magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect."

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