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In this final episode of Immutable: Bryn and Sam share their favorite moments and what they're doing next.

In this episode: We go on and on about YouTube videos and musical hardware. Bryn's doing performance work. Sam's basically a manager... or a designer... or something.

In this episode: Bryn's playtesting. Sam's almost moved back to SF. 2 episodes left!

In this episode: Sam loves processes. Bryn's working on bypassing hard things.

In this episode: Yes, I know it's "vagueness". Sam got a house. Bryn's learning about acquisitions, but mostly board game acquisitions.

In this episode: We complain about our eventual iPhones. Sam got a house. Bryn is done raising. Gaius Baltar is the worst thing.

In this episode: Sam was underwater for 17 hours. Bryn's trying to look at the forest.

In this episode: Bryn had a good/bad week. Sam's going diving in Mexico.

In this episode: Sam lives in SF again forever. Bryn's raising more money.

In this episode: Bryn loves board games. Sam's moving to SF.

In this episode: Sam is still interviewing. Bryn is still fundraising.

In this episode: Sam's looking for a job. Bryn's agressively fundraising.

In this episode: Sam is interviewing. Bryn has corrections and more fundraising meetings.

In this episode: Sam shipped an app. Bryn's learning how to size a market. What do you do when people copy your work?

In this episode: Sam's been riding his new motorcycle. Bryn's learning how VC works. Redacted is featured on the App Store. Spectrum started onboarding the SpecFM Slack team.

In this episode: Sam's going on a trip. Bryn's working on a deck.

In this episode: a question or two! Soffes bought a motorcycle. Bryn shipped notifications.

In this episode: Sam loves JavaScript. Bryn needs notifications to ship yesterday.

In this episode: Sam's a full-on javascript boy. Bryn launched Spectrum beta 2.

In this episode: Sam's watching Arrow. Bryn's underestimating timelines.

In this episode: Sam's sick. Bryn's sick of not shipping. Then, we talk about superheroes and video games.

In this episode: Sam's switching clients. Bryn's trying to wrap up a backend rewrite.

In this episode: Sam's in SF and prepping to do some teaching after wrapping up his current contract. Bryn made ramen and learned some things.

In this episode: motorcycles, teaching, ramen chemistry, graphQL, and more Zelda, obv...

In this episode: Swift 3, Canvas shutting down, Sam's motorcycle trip, REM followup, cooking, and video games...

In this episode: to REM or not to REM? Sam crashed his drone. Bryn has to build notifications, but also hates notifications.

In this episode: Ink has beta users. Spectrum needs a new backend.

In this episode: Sam's working on Undo. Bryn's working on Explore for Spectrum.

In this episode: Spectrum has customers! Sam's display works now.

In this episode: Sam's trying to become a real designer. Spectrum is launching soon.

In this episode: Spectrum alpha launched. Zelda is good. Sam had a rough week. Now, he wants to make instruments. Fan-made Ink icons!

In this episode: videos, video games, icon work, and betas!

In this episode: VR design, Ink is on TestFlight!, freelance pricing, business pricing for Spectrum, and Bryn's going to SXSW.

In this episode: design collaboration tools! Spectrum and Ink are moving fast.

In this episode: Bryn gave Sam access to Spectrum! Sam's cranking on Ink and also freelancing again.

In this episode: Sam built more furniture.

In this episode: We get a decent intro. Sam bought some blue stuff. Bryn bought some black stuff. Do design systems stifle creativity?

In this episode: Sam is now a game designer. Bryn is drawing squircles.

In this episode: Bryn's trying to focus, Sam built a desk AND worked on a real app.

In this episode: Sam built a media center, Bryn's rebuilding his website.

In this episode: syncing Xcode projects across computers, breaking up your CSS, Sam's building furniture, Bryn's learning to take breaks...

In this episode... copywriting, Sam tries to figure out a pricing model for Ink , Bryn does research on Spectrum

In this episode: Sam explains many:many relationships. Bryn explains spell:character relationships in D&D. Sam wants to make a watch. Bryn's been working on Spectrum.

In this episode: resources to keep up, distractions we avoid, best ways to build from a design file, running out of creative juice, and going from good to great!

In this Thanksgiving special episode: what we're thankful for, the things we've been doing while we had time off, unlimited time, MBP opinions pt. 2, and the games we play when we're being unproductive!

In this episode: code analysis tools, Tachyons in production, React component frameworks, good ideas, and our updated recording setup!

In this episode: color specs, the new Macbook Pro, monitors for Macs, memorable projects, and our processes for starting projects!

In this episode: typography!

In this episode: user research, anxiety, onboarding hires, iteration on MVPs, and InVision vs the World!

In this episode: visiting San Francisco, podcasting software, technical knowledge debt, getting stuck, and the ethics of analytics!

In this episode: CSS, CSS, and more CSS!

In this episode: Pug(!), how Spec makes money (the answer won't surprise you), miscommunication or something (I wasn't paying attention), designing on Windows (lol), and the last 10% (aka 90% of the effort)...

In this episode: feature flags, mind mapping, the elaborate joke that is Javascript, being a weirdo, and (not) plateau-ing!

In this episode: 10-year goals, why we tweet, finding work as a front-end dev, 3 questions to ask when we start a project, and functional CSS!

In this episode: photo and video storage, vlogging informing design, "why didn't I start this sooner?", test devices, and things that aren't Framer. Also, Samsterdam.

In this episode: SVG icons, system fonts, sharing design progress, and side projects becoming fulltime jobs!

In this episode: full-time vs contracting, keeping up with design events, developing a game, generics in Swift, and selling design to non-tech clients.

In this episode: designing with purpose, Swift package managers, setting up a company for freelance, and our favorite blogs and podcasts!

In this episode: Immutable turns 1! What has changed in the past year, what we want to change in the next one, and the equipment we use for our new favorite hobby - video!

In this episode: tools! That's literally it. Our new favorites, old favorites, and what we'd build if we could build anything!

In this episode: balancing work and travel, organizing your day, spaces vs tabs, core values for collaboration, and what we wish others knew about our workflows!

In this episode we talk about colors!: primary colors, Night Shift/Flux and True Tone, color palettes, WCAG standards, and Apple's new wide color gamut!

In this episode: text sizes, hiring cutbacks in tech, generics in swift, managing time between side projects and "work", and selling the value of design to your team!

In this episode: design by committee, building icons, source control in Xcode, building a professional portfolio, and Sinatra!

In this episode: firing developers, coding your portfolio, final classes in Swift, coding the right way, and our fantasy apprenticeships!

In this episode: cherrypicking features from other platforms, products we like, HBO's Silicon Valley, finding contract work, & Product Hunt!

In this episode: time estimates, moving on from a company, effective lead developers, small town nostalgia, and iterating with symbols!

In this episode: where to start as a designer, launching Open Source projects, Git workflows, inheriting design projects, 3rd-party assets, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy jokes.

In this episode: images in CSS, startup culture pros/cons, portfolio case studies, and Twitter!

In this episode: font licensing, data vs intuition, B2B design, A/B testing, and back end services!

In this episode: exporting assets, trends, unpopular values, project lengths, and educating clients!

In this episode: designing with data and the best & worst parts of our jobs!

In this episode: the 5 tools that make us better at our jobs, should PMs design?, remote teams, and Talkshow!

In this episode: organizing design iterations, type scales, prototyping for bots, and writing unit tests!

In this episode: being a generalist, remote UX work, quitting, Adobe XD, and preprocessors!

In this episode: style guide management, processes we use, hiring cheap devs, organizing files for teams, and do's/dont's for new designers!

In this episode: sharing the code workload, valuing user experience, neglecting automated testing, taking notes, and removing "band-aids"!

In this episode: the pit of despair, server-side Swift, graphic text, front-end methodologies, and changing your mind!

In this episode: 8(px/pt/dp) grids!

In this episode: using stats in product decisions, pre- vs post-product/market fit decision making, writing as a company priority, and making money!

This week, we had another guest! Kelly Sutton joined us to talk about founding a company, ending a company you founded, company side projects, moderating a community, and the differences between NY & SF for tech companies.

In this episode: learning illustration as a UI designer, API version upgrades, compsci tests, naming projects, and Sam's new side project!

In this episode: analytics in the design process, fighting imposter syndrome, bad habits, what we'd like to be known for, and using a work computer outside of work!

In this episode: Fastlane, when to change jobs, Structs vs Classes in Swift, Exporting assets, and writing APIs in Rails!

In this episode: our favorite software pro tips, our morning routines, dark patterns, and resources for learning visual design!

In this episode: our favorite dev/design blogs, calculating margins, design regrets, design-y films, and uncommon realizations.

In this episode: NDAs, our idols, saving assets, Parse retirement, and "experts".

In this episode: we had our first guest, Andrew Carroll, come on the show to talk about incorporating, retirement funds, doing taxes, stock options, and outsourcing accounting!

In this episode: starting out in Swift, design interview brain teasers, Windows vs Mac, focusing early product decisions, and setting up jr designers for success.

In this episode: Adobe CC alternatives on PC, setting up a new Mac, Old Sport, choosing a project to start on, working with different design workflows.

In this episode: 2016 goals, UI elements we wish would go away, design trends vs patterns, internships vs full-time roles when starting out, and balancing ambition and contentment.

In this episode: investing money, finding AppleTV devs, introducing developers to Swift, self-teaching, and state machines!

In this episode: the apps we think are exceptionally designed, how we get away from work, and our favorite motorcycle gear. We basically just talk about motorcycles for 20 minutes. It's a holiday miracle!

In this episode: open-sourced Swift, Gulp and how it compares to Grunt, cross-platform development, and testing with a small userbase.

In this episode: working under your own name, the iPad Pro, designing with constraints, when to design your API, and the hard parts of submitting to the App Store!

Welcome to Episode 14 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss design chops, case studies, development tools, design boredom and what we've been wanting to learn!

Welcome to Episode 13 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss open source traction, spec redesigns, staying excited about side projects, the best ways to network on a budget, and organizing layers in your design files.

Welcome to Episode 12 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss... gear! We talk about our podcasting gear, what we use at work, our favorite Sketch plugins, and the most impactful things we've ever bought for less than $100.

Welcome to Episode 11 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss building perfectly vs building quickly, updating an already profitable product, how not to get caught up in the details while ideating, getting a job at an agency, and "hack schools"!

(We had some technical difficulties on the last 2 questions... Sorry.)

Welcome to Episode 10 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss balancing work and keeping up with the industry, cover letters, taking on more work than you can handle, MVVM and Reactive Cocoa, and moving from development to design/product management!

Welcome to Episode 9 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss getting started writing CSS, presenting your work, standing out when applying for a job, why designers leave growing companies, and applying for jobs beyond your experience!

Welcome to Episode 8 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss the difference between designing at 1x and 2x, convincing designers to switch to working at 1x, what to do as a developer while waiting for a designer, picking up design chops as a developer, and job hunting when you're a generalist.

Welcome to Episode 7 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss how to decide on stock vs salary, getting started in product design, picking tools for UI design, taking your iOS development skills to the next level, and actively developing taste.

Welcome to Episode 6 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss raising your profile, working in grayscale, getting press for your product, transitioning to product design from web design, and integrating design and research into Scrum.

Welcome to Episode 5 of Immutable! In this episode, we discuss the best ways to learn new dev skills, communication between design and back-end devs, finding mentors, using Twitter to level up your career, and prototyping vs building native apps.

Welcome to Episode 4 of Immutable. This episode, we discuss design MVPs, writing apps vs prototyping, being open, converting side projects to businesses, learning design vs development, and the importance of writing!

Welcome to Episode 3 of Immutable. This episode, we recount our origin stories and discuss finding inspiration, searching out people to work with, drinking culture in tech, and unethical design.

Welcome to Episode 2 of Immutable. This episode, we discuss building and monetizing your own app, projects that are too big, why to move to San Francisco, determining the size and spacing of UI elements, and getting started developing for iOS!

Welcome to Episode 1 of Immutable. This episode, we discuss how we pick fonts, when to leave side projects, whether or not we're in the Golden Age of prototyping tools, what to handoff from a designer to a developer, and whether or not UX design is going out of fashion.

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