Immutable · November 22, 2016

65: Maximum Fun Efficiency



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Topic 1: Preferred static code analysis tools - JavaScript and Ruby. I find myself back in JS this month and my toolset could be outdated. Using eslint and js-beautify to do static checking and format cleanup. (Ruby I’ve moved to RubyMine, but I like the command line so could come back…)
Topic 2: Using Tachyons in production for SaaS? Good idea or should we try to keep it for smaller projects and prototyping?
Topic 3: Any ideas of frameworks with a lot of components written in React already? I mean like react-bootstrap. What else is there?
Topic 4: What’s your best idea that you haven’t acted on yet (that you can share - or you can talk about it in vague terms) - and what’s preventing you from doing it?
Topic 5: What's your current recording setup?

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