Immutable · November 1, 2016

62: Definitely Still Noodles

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Topic 1: Would be cool to hear how you guys go about doing user research - whats your process like? what steps do you take to ensure you accomplish your goals, what have you found to work or not work. Being at a small company, I often don’t get a chance to do specific metric testing but more holistic testing of a feature or preliminary research
Topic 2: Do you ever deal with anxiety? How? I’m in a new position where work comes from multiple different directions and can be unpredictable, so I occasionally feel pretty overwhelmed.

Topic 3: Onboarding new hires is tricky. What're some things that previous employers have done that worked well?
Topic 4: In previous episodes, you spoke a lot about building the minimum and “iterating from there.” How do you make sure that this improvement iteration actually happens? Quite often, teams say “we’ll iterate on it,” and then either forget to or start working on something else entirely. How do you make sure that this “improvements” iteration gets done?

Topic 5: What are your thoughts on using InVision for prototyping compared to other tools like Framer, Principle, and straight up HTML/CSS/JS?

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