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60: Papayawhip

October 18, 2016

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Topic 1: What do you guys find is the best naming convention for colors in CSS?
  • Papayawhip = #ffefd5
Topic 2: I really want to create a web design framework at work (CSS libraries, components, along with Sketch symbols for quick mockups), but I’m not sure how to separate it out between different clients. I want it to be as reusable as possible, but also customizable for different projects. Not really sure where to start.
Topic 3: tachyons v semantic UI v something like bootstrap. What sorts of things do I need to consider? Esp. with greenfield projects
Topic 4: What are your opinions on the Dash app drama?
Topic 5: When creating a side project MVP (like HeavyRotation), How do you decide what's a must, what goes & what should be postponed for later in terms of features, polish level, testing, etc?

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