Immutable · October 11, 2016

59: A Big Ten Percent



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Topic 1: I definitely want to hear more about Pug now! How does it compare with HAML?
Topic 2: How does Spec make money?
Topic 3: What are somethings that can help reduce designer/developer miscommunication? I understand that most projects go through an iterative process but after I get my designs reviewed and then they are off to be implemented they often then come back with further questions about the design & bring up new constraints.

Topic 4: I work in a agency where we develop in .NET - so, Windows. Our designers all use Mac and are trying to shift from Photoshop towards Sketch. This means that us FEDs can no longer open the layered design files on our Windows machines. Our best option at the moment is to open a PDF export in Illustrator. Or we rely on the designers to crop out any assets we need.Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve the workflow between designers using Sketch and devs on Windows?
Topic 5: How do you encourage engineers to go the extra 10% when building your design? I encounter a lot of "90% done" and resistance to polish out the details without significant leg twisting. What's your approach?

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