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57: Everybody Sucks

September 27, 2016

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Topic 1: Ten years from now, how have you improved yourself?
Topic 2: Why do you tweet? Not why do you use twitter, but actually tweet.
Topic 3: I've been trying to break into web development for the last 2 years. I'm self-taught and had a lot of trouble finding work (Alberta, Canada = not the best market for web developers apparently), so I started my own agency to get experience. That's worked for the last year but I want to work on bigger projects where I can learn more. Can you recommend a strategy to get work as a Frontend Web Developer?
Topic 4: What's the 3 questions you ask yourself when starting to work a project? (to guide design/dev process)
Topic 5: What are your thoughts on functional/atomic CSS? I'm a huge fan, but interested in hearing diverse opinions.

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