Immutable · September 6, 2016

54: Give up. Cry. Try again later.



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Topic 1: What do you guys think about full time vs. short-term contract vs. long-term contract positions (from both a designer and dev perspective)? What have you found to be the pros and cons of each?
Topic 2: In a city like SF, how do you keep tabs on all the design related events going on?
Topic 3: I'm thinking about develop my own game. I've done the majority of the design work and I've gotten really good feedback on the concept. It seems really simple to build to me. What do you think would be the best way to develop this game? Should I hire someone? or try to get in touch with a company that has built similar games?
Topic 4: Why are Generics so important in Swift? Apple recently made a few things in Swift 'Generic' like Fetch Requests in Core Data. I feel it was an unnecessary change but the community loves protocols and generics. For special types, why not typealiases or protocols?
Topic 5: How do I sell the power of great design to clients that aren't in tech?

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