Immutable · July 19, 2016

47: Supposed Baby Steps



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Topic 1: Can you talk about the text sizes you would recommend to use in apps (body, title, nav bar etc) or if you use the apple text categories in the storyboard font element inspector in Xcode?
Topic 2: I keep hearing about hiring freezes and cutbacks at major companies in SF like Uber, Twitter, and Dropbox. Do you think this pattern is picking up speed? If so, how will it effect the industry and devs/designers?
Topic 3: Sam, you are quite a proponent of swift on #immutable and I like it much better than Obj-C, but there are some oddities I'm still on the fence about: specifically the way generics seem to work when compared to other languages (C++and C# are what I am most familiar with). This has caused me headaches when trying to write my own generic collection types and write extensions for existing types like Array. What are your thoughts on that design decision and how has that changed the way you write software?
Topic 4: You guys both talk about having side projects and "work", how do you manage the time between the two?
Topic 5: Really wanted your guys’ opinion on how one can go about establishing the importance of experience design, and actually thinking about the problem in a developer plus sales dominated workplace. Mantra here seems to be ’ship first, think later’.

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