Immutable · July 12, 2016

46: Graphically Awful

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Topic 1: How do you empower individuals within your team to contribute to design without creating a design by committee environment?
Topic 2: Bryn, during the last episode you mentioned that you stopped using icon sets and started making your own icons with the help of the designer you work for who teach you ‘how easy it was'. Could you give us some tips to the designers who want to start doing more of their own icons?
Topic 3: Sam, assuming you use predominantly Xcode is there any reason you would use the command line over the built in source code feature in Xcode?
Topic 4: How do you bridge the gap between "fresh out of design school" level of work and a professional level portfolio that gets your hired? Seems like a big catch 22 to me.
Topic 5: What's Sinatra? Should I use it?

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