Immutable · July 5, 2016

45: Values of Values



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Topic 1: How do you justify firing someone if you're in a lead developer position and the person does not perform as well as the others based on your gut feeling?

Topic 2: As a designer, how important is it to code your own portfolio site? should I use squarespace or behance or do it myself? I’ve done my own but it’s a couple of years old and I’ve gotten tired of it, thinking of a redesign.
Topic 3: There’s been a little talk about how some people on the swift team might be making classes final by default and moving to a more protocol-oriented/functional programming paradigm throughout the language and the iOS SDK as it’s rewritten to Swift. It would be cool to hear your thoughts on people throwing out inheritance. I think there’s a tool for a job, and you should think about your problem and implement the right solution whatever that may be.
Topic 4: in episode 42, Sam mentioned influencing the engineers at Venmo to code the right way. I have recently built an app using MVVM with RxSwift but often found it to all be a bit of overkill at times. Often I felt I was doing it "wrong" and should just stick to plain old MVC. I was curious as to what the right way to code means to you and how you architect your app (MVC, VIPER, MVVM, a mix?) and what design patterns do you use frequently?
Topic 5: Is there anyone you wish you could apprentice under for a few weeks?

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