Immutable · June 28, 2016

44: Side-Burnered



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Topic 1: How do you incorporate elements or “good stuff” from other platforms (techniques, conventions, etc.) when doing mobile development? (e.g. what wisdoms or principals from CSS or web dev do you find yourself using in mobile development?) I’m an iOS developer through and through, but I recently got a Nexus 5X Android phone just to make sure there weren’t some good ideas I was missing out on.
Topic 2: What are some products you’ve started using in the past 2-3 months that have become staples?
Topic 3: Do you guys watch the show Silicon Valley? If so how much of the show rings true to you?
Topic 4: What are your common resources/processes for finding contract work? How much of it comes from word-of-mouth vs. searching/networking? Has any of your content (blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.) helped you get clients?
Topic 5: Is Product Hunt a necessity for launching a digital product in this day and age?

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