Immutable · June 14, 2016

42: Always Push to Master



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Topic 1: Should you start to learn design by designing websites or products? i.e.; focus on learning to design screens for iOS/Android apps or start with designing websites?
Topic 2: How do you go about launching an Open Source project? Just throw it up on Github?
Topic 3: What's your git workflow and tools? I know you mentioned you're the only iOS dev at Canvas, so does that make it easier to manage? And do you use GitHub/GitLab, any extra tools like GitTower or do you like going from the command line whenever possible?
Topic 4: What do you do when you join a project as a designer, but the project lacks the kind of structure that normally enables you to work efficiently and produce good work? (…pt grids, typographic scales, clear rules for where certain SCSS code goes). Do you just accept the mess that (in your opinion) are parts of the project, or try to change everything even though that might be really resource intensive?
Topic 5: How do you balance between using 3rd party plugins/frameworks/icons/etc and just making/designing all the things on your own?

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