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41: Culture Jokes

June 7, 2016

In this episode: images in CSS, startup culture pros/cons, portfolio case studies, and Twitter!

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Topic 1: I keep hearing the "don't store images in css" can you explain the statement?
Topic 2: What's your favorite thing about startup culture?
Topic 3: What's your least favorite thing about startup culture?
Topic 4: Should you have a case study for each portfolio piece or only a couple out of all of your pieces?
Topic 5: You’ve often mentioned that Twitter has had a profound positive impact on your life and your career. Do you have any strategies on using Twitter in a way that is productive? I personally follow people and companies I admire, and I sometimes tweet back and forth with a few friends, but I haven’t really had any moments that have been life-changing. Do you just watch your favorite companies/designers 24-7 to see when they post looking for help, or do you have any specific habits that have helped you find value?

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