Immutable · May 31, 2016

40: Because Material.



In this episode: font licensing, data vs intuition, B2B design, A/B testing, and Firebase!

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Topic 1: Fonts in designs that are handed over to the client, what do you do if you used a purchased font, should that be the property of the client?
Topic 2: I’m a big fan of data driven decisions… but sometimes feel like managers and stakeholders can take it a little too far, removing all intuition and thus anything “exciting or different" from the process and ultimately the end product. do you have any thoughts or feels around this?
Topic 3: Why do you think all these B2B monsters like SAP, Salesforce, IBM with a lot of resources choose not to invest in design as a priority?
Topic 4: How valuable is A/B testing in the design process? Is it really worth the engineering and design effort to put in place A/B testing practices? If A/B testing isn't always a viable approach, what's a good alternative?
Topic 5: With app dev, do you roll your own back end or use a service like Firebase? What are your reasons for going either way?

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