Immutable · May 24, 2016

39: Very Thinking



In this episode: exporting assets, trends, unpopular values, project lengths, and educating clients!

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Topic 1: How do you feel about developers being responsible for exporting assets? Who should control asset names, and padding?
Topic 2: Do you feel that there are times when to follow a trend, or do you avoid the trend or even just use the trend as inspiration?
Topic 3: What is one design value or philosophy that you agree with, that the vast majority of people do not?
Topic 4: Which do you prefer: working on many short-term projects or diving deep into one product long-term?
Topic 5: During the design process, if a client does not agree with a design decision, do you educate the client in regards to why X was design in that way. Do you find this sways the decision of the client or do you really pick your battles for the more extreme cases and let the rest go?

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