Immutable · May 3, 2016

36: The Numbers You Know

In this episode: organizing design iterations, type scales, prototyping for bots, and writing unit tests!

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Topic 1: How do you organize your design iterations in sketch specifically on a fast moving mobile app? Do you use pages or just keep duplicating artboards within a single page? I used to use Kerem Suer's approach of filename, platform, direction & iteration but this method does not seem to hold up since moving from PS to Sketch.
Topic 2: How do you set up your type scale for responsive design?
Topic 3: How do you deal with frustration in the workplace - especially when it gets to the point that it is having an impact on your personal life?

Topic 4: How do you design and prototype for conversational UI or bots for FB Messenger/Slack?
Topic 5: Since I started to write iOS apps I have been mostly ignoring learning to write unit tests in my code. Mainly because I feel this could be a chore but more people are telling me writing tests saves time in the long run. Is this something you do when writing applications? If so, what is your philosophy (e.g. Test Driven Development) and what tools do you use for testing?

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