Immutable · April 19, 2016

34: Back Burner Clarity



In this episode: style guide management, processes we use, hiring cheap devs, organizing files for teams, and do's/dont's for new designers!

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Topic 1: Do you have any tips on keeping style guides in sync between code & Sketch?

Topic 2: What processes do you use for your projects? Do they change based on the project?
Topic 3: As a designer without time to learn backend development, what are your thoughts on paying a cheap developer to build out an MVP of a product idea to just get it out there?
Topic 4: Can you offer some advice on how to organize design files on large teams working collaboratively?

Topic 5: I'm about to be the new designer at a new job, working with new devs for the first time—have any "do’s and don’ts"?

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