Immutable · April 12, 2016

33: Flashy, Fancy, Fashiony Stuff



In this episode: sharing the code workload, valuing user experience, neglecting automated testing, taking notes, and removing "band-aids"!

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Topic 1: I recently joined a small startup (3 people) and I am trying to figure out a workflow that is effective for us. It is just me and a developer on the technical side, and I would like to get more involved in the coding part to keep things flexible, but it is still a little hazy to me how that will actually work in terms of hand-offs, consistency, etc… Can you two walk me through what your workflow looks like, in specifics?

Topic 2: As a designer for a startup product, how do you urge the value of nice design and good UX against engineers who want to just push new features very quickly?
Topic 3: Do you think automated testing (TDD, CI, Unit Testing, etc) is too often neglected in iOS development? It seems that most developers are given very short time frames which make it an afterthought. But neglecting it can promote regressions down the road. Wanted to know your thoughts and whether or not you make an effort to do it in your own work, or if you feel it’s not worth it.
Topic 4: I’m terrible at taking notes, particularly when I’m collecting feedback on designs. One thing that helps me is if there are two people to help - one person to ask questions and another to document the review. Another is to record it in some fashion so that I can come back to it. Sometimes, I don’t have access to either of these and I was wondering if you guys had any tips?
Topic 5: Do you have any good processes or ideas about mitigating or correcting temporary hacks that later become pillars of permanent features?

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