Immutable · April 5, 2016

32: "Organs" Sounds Weird



In this episode: the pit of despair, server-side Swift, graphic text, front-end methodologies, and changing your mind!

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Topic 1: What are the best resources for intermediate developers that are in the so-called “pit of despair”?
Topic 2: What's the significance of server-side swift?
Topic 3: I'm currently in the early stages of development/design for my first app. When designing in iOS, is it common today for apps to use graphic text to get a specific custom look in certain areas rather than using text generated through code? Is graphic-generated text lazy?
Topic 4: What front-end methodology do you usually use in your projects? SMACSS, BEM, other? Also thoughts on atomic design?
Topic 5: What is something you both have changed your mind about recently?

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