Immutable · March 8, 2016

28: I Never Learn My Lessons

In this episode: learning illustration as a UI designer, API version upgrades, compsci tests, naming projects, and Sam's new side project!

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Topic 1: My job consists primarily of UI design work but I want to get more into visual design to become more well rounded as a designer (i.e. icon design, illustration). What are some good resources to start polishing those skills?
Topic 2: How do you handle API version upgrades for live apps? example: app v1 is live on the store. You want to release app v2, which depends on API v2. v1 app doesn't work with v2 and vice versa. Just pushing an update and migrating the DB will break the app for existing users. But unmigrated, it won't work for reviewer. or do you just completely avoid getting into this situation?

Topic 3: How do you deal with compsci interview tests like dynamic programming, divide and conquer etc?
Topic 4: What’s your process for coming up with product/company names Every time a see Nothing Magical or Spec I think of how great those names are.
Topic 5: Journeying

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