Immutable · February 23, 2016

26: Grocery Store Fast Lane



In this episode: Fastlane, when to change jobs, Structs vs Classes in Swift, Exporting assets, and writing APIs in Rails!

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Topic 1: Can you go a little into what you use Fastlane for; and if it makes sense to start using as an indie dev or only at a company, or both?
Topic 2: What do you do when you get offers for better opportunities with more pay and better perks soon after you just switched jobs because it was a better opportunity with more pay and better perks?

Topic 3: I am fairly new to programming and Swift and I am a bit confused after watching the WWDC on protocol-orientated programming. When should we choose to use a Struct over a Class in iOS and is POP something that you are using when writing your apps?
Topic 4: When coming up with mockups for clients, is there an easier way of exporting multiple variations/sizes of a mockup quickly with one click For example a logo in illustrator exported in three different colors for the client to choose. Is there a faster, easier way to mass export without saving each variation as pdf or png individually?
Topic 5: I have a question for the show that arose from the Parse discussion. As a mobile developer I would love to start doing some small backend stuff and write my own API. Where is the best place to get started on that journey? Sam mentioned Ruby on Rails as his go to. Would love to hear more about how we can transition to backend stuff.

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