Immutable · January 19, 2016

21: Holographic Markdown Editor



In this episode: starting out in Swift, design interview brain teasers, Windows vs Mac, focusing early product decisions, and setting up jr designers for success.

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Topic 1: If you're a beginner, what are the areas of iOS development/swift that are the most important areas of study?
Topic 2: Last time I was job hunting I encountered several interviews where I was told to whiteboard out an abstract problem or brain teaser. What is your experience like with white board challenges and what advice do you have for designers being put on the spot with something they’ve never thought about before? What’s a good method for quickly organizing your thoughts and presenting them convincingly in a pressure situation?
Topic 3: I’d like to hear some talk about Windows and Mac. And the monoculture that designers / developers live in that is unrepresentative of the audience they are serving. Windows is still the primary OS that consumers use.
Topic 4: how do you keep the conversation focused on the product vision early in a project, rather than the team jumping into a feature list before validation?
Topic 5: Product design has heavy business implications and requires you to be an ambassador for design and the product as a whole in important meetings. This is a lot of responsibility and pressure for designers early in their career or starting out at a new company. What can you do to get better at the less glamorous side of design and be able to brainstorm more effectively in regard to improving metrics and product strategy?

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