Immutable · January 12, 2016

20: Inbred App



In this episode: Adobe CC alternatives on PC, setting up a new Mac, Old Sport, choosing a project to start on, working with different design workflows.

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Topic 1: What do I tell a designer on Windows who finds Adobe too expensive? Unfortunately, Gimp, Inkscape, and Paint.NET don’t seem to be the best alternatives.
Topic 2: I'd love to hear about how you setup your new Macs. any bootstrap process you use to install apps you always use? Common configs or settings changes, etc.
Topic 3: Sam can you talk about developing Old Sport, if you used Swift... other libraries etc
Topic 4: How do you assess what project to start on? I'm stuck as I can't push past the feeling it's going to be a lot of work for no reward.

Topic 5: How do you work with people who use a different design workflow than you?

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